Au Revoir to Paris from the Tour Montparnasse

It's almost a matter of pride that I haven't gone up the Eiffel Tower, but the reality is I don't like crowds and I hate to wait in a touristy melee. I like a nice view,  but I'd  prefer to look at the Eiffel Tower rather than out from it. The obvious answer to all this is Restaurant Ciel de Paris on the 56th floor of Tour Montparnasse, which I mentioned in passing in a post on the Bordelle Museum which is just down the road. However, on my first visit I didn't take any pictures of the glorious view (what was I thinking?) and as D. didn't go with me we needed to visit before we left town.
What a spectacular sight for our last afternoon in Paris. We had the most fabulous time with our friend B. (yes, who was there for the first night of our trip in London what a friend) and one of his wonderful colleagues from Houston. It was the perfect au revoir to the city and looking out was the reminder that there's always so much more to see. 
Details: Ignore any signs or crowds heading for the viewing platform (where you'll have to pay to see the view) and walk into the main entrance of the building.  Stroll past the reception desk to the lifts and take the first on the left. The lift will take you directly to  Restaurant Ciel on the 56th floor. Drinks are expensive and you may have a short wait, but as you can see the view is magical.


James Chia said…
Hi, this is James from @macabretravel. I'll certainly make a trip to this observatory deck! It's open during sunset I hope? I'll google for more info!
Wish we had found your post before we got in the 'line rides' at the Eiffel tower. Security; tickets; waiting for the elevator; waiting for the elevator again; waiting to come down again; waiting for the toilet. Close to 3 hours of my life I will never get back again!