Hi, I'm Welltravbrit and I'm happy to meet you ;). 

I'm a travel mad, naturally curious, restless roamer. I took my first flight to Africa at six weeks old and I've been fascinated by different cultures ever since! Born in Dublin, I was raised in Nigeria, Egypt and the UK. As an adult I've lived in the US, Namibia and Zimbabwe.  I have a doctorate in anthropology and I love to visit, think and scribble about culture, history, travel, museums, street art, architecture, archeology and design. 

I'm interested in going almost anywhere; Kansas City, Madagascar, Moldova, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Georgia, Suriname and Eritrea are all on my current wish list. I love less popular destinations and we often visit historical sites when we travel. We went to Mali on our honeymoon, Iran in July 2003 (right after the invasion of Iraq) and Syria in 2011. Luckily my travel partner and "favorite person" wanted to go too. I love unlikely travel pairings and have been on trips combining Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the Maldives (2008), and more recently Sudan and the Seychelles (2017)

Recently we've been getting to know our favorite European cities a little better and I've blogged about our months in Rome and  Lisbon, four months in Paris and three months in London. So feel free to ask be about my off the beaten path finds!

So Much More to See is my way to share the beauty of what we've seen and learnt, as well as  tips, itineraries and recommendations.   Most of all I hope it's useful or inspiring enough that you can take something away with you; an idea for a day out in Paris, a  travel agent in Cairo, Burma or Khartoum,  hotel and restaurant suggestions in London, an itinerary, a travel daydream, a walking route or an introduction to an obscure  museum. 

After all, I believe there's always so much more to see wherever you begin...

Lets connect.... 

I'm always happy to talk about travel. 
Feel free to drop me a line at: welltravbrit@gmail.com 

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