The Quin - A New York Hotel Review

Review from our visit in August 2015, as usually I'm playing catch up on the blog. 

I have to say we really liked this place and thanks to  and Visa Signature we got a great rate, for our five night stay. I only hope we can afford it the next time we are in town. The hotel has a modern, lux feel with some interesting art in the lobby which is on a rotating exhibit. The hotel  is a step down from the highest-end places in Manhattan, the Mandarin Oriental, the Peninsula or the Ritz, but is a big step up from mid-range where we've been staying; the Iroquois, the Nolitan (which I like) or somewhere like the Shoreham or the Roger. 

As you can see the room and bathroom were tasteful, comfortable and well appointed, though you shouldn't expect the more spacious rooms you'll find in a truly luxury property.
 The service is good, friendly, personable and flexible and, with the exception of  one of the concierges, no one was stuffy. The rooms have a slight generic feel but everything is very well made, well chosen and is tasteful. Some reviews have remarked on the loud air conditioning, we thought it was fine and anyway it provided a perfect "white noise" which you need in New York City. We had some noise from 57th street in our first room on the 7th floor (but it wasn't bad) though I was happier when we moved to the 14th floor.
They were extremely accommodating with the move, they sent a tea kettle and milk when I enquired about one and brought ice when I sprained my ankle stepping off a curb. No I'm not over 70, I wasn't wearing high heels and I wasn't drunk -  just foolish! The hotel offered to bring a bandage for compression and even gave me an artificial  cold pack  in addition to  the ice. I was very impressed with their attention.
Our rate included lots of extras and because we booked through Kiwi, breakfast at the next-door Wayfarer was included. It seemed we could order whatever we liked which was very generous. The restaurant is attached to the hotel but seems to be run under different management.  You have the feeling of going to an upscale restaurant for breakfast which feels rather a treat and I enjoyed it daily. We had family staying at the Essex House around the corner and they opted to join us for breakfast here for several mornings which was nice too.
 So is there anything they could have improved upon? To be honest not much:
  • I wasn't crazy about the Fresh amenities and I couldn't find any information about whether they are paragon free, though this may not bother other people. They're fine but nothing special, everything else was very well chosen these not so much. The Nolitan stocks Red Flower which to me is a much more eco/local options and therefore far more desirable. 
  • When they delivered the kettle and milk it would have been nice if they's sent up a couple of teabags too. The front desk had told me to help myself to some tea bags in the small library where they offer complimentary tea and coffee the next morning, but that wasn't much help at 7pm, so D. had to go out for them. No big deal but it seemed like a missed opportunity given that they had the tea.
Art from the front lobby.
I'm really having to stretch to think of much that wasn't great. I overall I really enjoyed the space, the aesthetic and the stay.  This is certainly a hotel I'd return to and at the rate we paid it was a great value and it's ideally situated for Central Park, the MOMA and the Met.

Tip: If you're staying at the Quin don't miss having a drink at The Roof the rooftop bar at the Viceroy Hotel just across the street. Yes, your drink will cost you $18  (effectively the cost of admission) but the view over the park is spectacular. We were there on a cloudy afternoon when they opened at 3pm and it was still  worth it.


Jennie said…
We very much appreciate the tip as we are planning a trip to NYC this Spring!
Thanks Jennie - so glad it could be useful. Lots more NY stuff coming up but I may be sidetracked talking about our recent Colombia adventures!