We're Back from Our Small Adventure!

So we're back on the west coast in the sunshine. It's strange to be home but I'm happy we arrived home safely, pulling too much luggage behind us. FYI, here's a visual to show you when you know you have too much luggage, though I'm not sure it's too bad for a five month stay!
After living in 60 square meters for the last four months our small Craftsman cottage seems huge. It seems we have a lot of stuff. I didn't miss it  and after having been away I'm not sure we need it all. Everything is as we left it thanks to our great renters and we'll certainly be using Sabbatical Homes to find tenants again, it's a great way to create a different life.
Place de la Bastille at sunset.
I'll be blogging about our trip for some time as I still have lots to let you know about Paris including a Street Art Tour, restaurant recommendations, museums, galleries and  gardens we liked - among lots more topics I'll be talking about over the summer. We also made  trips to Provence, the Dordogne, Burgundy and London (on the way home) so there will be food recommendations, hotel reviews and lots of details of walks, sites and destinations we enjoyed. Hopefully I won't bore you too much with all the things we liked!
Church near  the Gustav Moureau Museum.
I really appreciate how many of you have been following along. It's liberating to change your circumstances in a deliberate manner. Five months seemed like an eternity when we left and not long enough by the time we came home. We learnt a lot about the process of leaving and being elsewhere; renting out the house, finding places to rent, making friends, occupying yourself, working and managing a life from afar. It feels like we developed and then flexed a new skill and it's easy to  come home feeling hopeful and optimistic when your interactions with strangers were so overwhelmingly positive. 
Place Bauyoder at the end of "our" street on the day we left.