Lisbon Without Any Plans

It is completely different to visit a place and know that you have a month so see the city. It changes everything. Perhaps it's making me lazy but I'm enjoying it. I don't have a list, I don't feel any pressure. Right now I don't even need to know what I'm looking at. This is a strange experience for us, no research, no fuss all we have to do is relax into it. 

So, bringing my newly relaxed spirit to my blog here is what you could see if you were here too, no explanations, no highlights, just a random stroll from our flat.

We haven't tried the famous yellow trams or the metro yet but we'll get around to it someday soon.

How did we resist these nuts and dried fruits?


Unknown said…
Super jealous that you have a month of unhassled relaxation & exploration ahead of you. *sighs* *swoons*

If you get a break from your leisurely adventure, please stop by my blog
I'm heading off now to browse through all your other destinations, and see what I can see (I might even recognise a few spots).

Erika @ xx
Erika, thanks for leaving a comment!
I visited you're blog and will certainly be back, love your style.