Lisbon Graffiti

When I came through Lisbon briefly in the 1980's (on a free TAP stopover between London and South Africa) I remember  the  graffiti more than anything else about the city. At the time I thought much of the graffiti looked political. Today graffiti remains a ubiquitous presences. 

Though much of it is typically tedious tagging, thoughtless and uninspired, some is political and  there is even quite a lot in English.
D and I have noticed more and more political graffiti in English throughout Europe. Clearly capitalism is being challenged in its dominant global language. I'll be posting images from Lisbon as we come upon them. The Guardian had an interesting  article on street art in Lisbon and we'll try to see some of the places they mention where artists have taken over derelict building as huge canvasses. I'll also be checking out  the Galleria de Arte Urbana which has worked with the local government to create commissioned murals in designated urban spaces, some of the stuff on their website looks amazing.    

I particularly love this literary graffiti from Alfama and the pineapple hand grenade below.