Bathroom Before and After...

Our pre-renovation bathroom had a vintage charm but the unglazed hexagonal tiles were impossible to keep clean and we were having problems with the shower which was leaking. I didn't like the yellow border, the old medicine cabinet left a lot to be desired, and we wanted to put in a low flow toilet.

We wanted to create a more contemporary space, that utilized the existing layout and incorporated our claw foot tub which I love. The idea was to create a restful, more modern space, with a nod towards the past. Here's what we ended up with (above) and where we started, below!

There are lots of small details that make me happy, like this small niche for my perfume made from the leftovers of our marble slab. 
 I love this aluminum stool from West Elm which is in the corner of the room.

We put LED lights under the vanity to show that it floats! They're from Ikea and can be set on one color or to rotate between colors like some sort of crazed Christmas display! They make the most wonderful night light.
The bath remains and is a complete contrast to the modern aesthetic but I love the combination.


Belletje said…
Wow you did a great job. Looks amazing and I love that soothing turquoise blue. And that tiling looks really modern.

If you take a lot of baths you might want to think about putting the perfumes so close in case it ruins the fragrances though. Lovely bottles! What's the pink one?
Thanks for the advice and appreciation! Sometimes I can't believe it's our bathroom!
The pink one in Unbound by Halston, not a perfume you see around very much. It's my everyday scent.