A San Francisco Summer Day in October

We're finally enjoying our summer and as usual it has arrived fashionably late. When the fog clears and the sun comes out Ocean Beach is the dog's favorite place. On a clear day everyone is out here, surfers, couples immigrant families from Africa and Central America. There are dogs chasing sticks and children paddling in the surf.

This is the tip of San Francisco, past the Golden Gate. Facing out to the ocean with the city behind you,  you look to the right to see the Marin headlands emerging from a blanket of fog. It's gorgeous, you can see what I mean in the photo below with the Cliff House on the far right.

Tip: Head to the Cliff House for an afternoon drink, we like the bistro on the left. Best to go early, if you leave it to sunset you'll be fighting the crowds. You could also try the Beach Chalet which is fun for brunch. The upstairs restaurant faces the ocean but we prefer the downstairs bar facing Golden Gate Park. There are lovely WPA murals which I'll save for another post!