Progress on the bathroom...

Things are coming together slowly. Last week we had a short  delay in the bathroom waiting for the marble fabricator, which slowed down the tiling guy Jeremy. The fabricator was cutting  the Carrara for the countertop, three small shelves, a windowsill and two thresholds. I think we got our money's worth!  

Stone is sold in huge slabs geared towards kitchens,  the only way to make it affordable for a bathroom was to buy a half sized Carrara "orphan" slab. You just go to the stone importers ask for off cuts or stone left over from another job, we bought ours  from Rita at GSM in San Leandro. The slab I bought was $8 a square foot and although it had a small crack  the fabricator cut around it and had plenty for our small vanityIt was polished and I want honed so he's having it honed and cut before he brings it here for installation.

D mocked up the plans in Flash which was amazing and really helped us envision the finished room.  I'm currently using the images to reassure myself that it will look good when it's done! He programmed it so that I could add or remove the lighting, sink and loo, as well as try out different tile patterns. I couldn't believe what a great job he did and the details he included. You can get some idea of what we're planning below.

We've got large format subway tiles on the walls, white glass tiles running vertically in the shower and a border tile (Carrara and glass) around the mirror and the rest of the room. There are two niches one below the window and one in the shower. As you can tell I've been living and breathing this stuff but I'm sure it's boring for anyone else!