When life moves faster than your blog...

I'm getting a little bit behind, there's an entire trip to Arizona to tell you about but this is all I can think about....yes that's my house!!!

 That's my living room with the ceiling pulled down and below it's my bedroom without a ceiling too, what was I thinking?!!! 

Half of my home is now in this dumpster!
This is a travel blog, not a renovation blog. I suppose I could start a design blog with a clever title but given the state of my living room ceiling I think you can understand why I don't have the energy for that!
Questioning my sanity as the contractor makes a swift exit!
So now you know what's going on in my corner of the world. Renovations and travel don't really go together well. When you work on your house you spend all the money you could have spent on travel. Though I must admit when the demolition  starts it seems a natural time to get away. Currently I fancy a tropical getaway, or in fact any getaway. I'm not complaining, prior to this I spent four days lazing by a pool in Scottsdale and if I can get over the shock of looking up at my ceiling and seeing the roof beams, perhaps I'll tell you about Arizona.


Anna said…
Oh, yes, we know the feeling... :-O
Good luck with the brick dust over the next few ... YEARS.

It'll be fab.