Update on my 2011 Reading Challege

In February I challenged myself to read fifty books this year by signing up for the 2011 Goodread's Challenge. I thought I read a lot and I still think I do, but 50 books is apparently  more than I'll manage this year. The idea of the challenge has sent me to the library and kept me reading a a brisk rate. But despite my competitive nature it seems I'm constantly eight books behind! 

I am glad I signed up, as it has made me think about reading more. However, I must confess it has made me self-concious about my reading. I'm horrified by how singleminded I've become; now I have to finish the book even if I'm not enjoying it!

I'm glad I've finally read Conrad's masterpiece, Heart of Darkness, though it's embarrassing to admit I picked it up   because it was so short and I knew I'd finish it quickly!

Stone's FallHowever, that's not to say I've abandoned my long standing habit of  reading LONG historical novels. I can  highly recommend Ian Pear's Stone's Fall which I finished recently. An historical mystery told from three point of view, it's a very  entertaining quick read. If    you haven't read any of his work you should also check out Instance at the Fingerpost and Dream of Scipio.

Half of a Yellow Sun
Of all the book  I've read this year, my favorite remains Half of a Yellow Sun. It is a magnificent and astounding first novel about the early years of post-colonial Nigeria and the Biafran War. A humorous, moving and insightful picture of the struggles of the Biafran people, the novel paints the daily drudgery and the horror of war for regular people. I was particularly interested because my parents were in Nigeria at the time and like other foreigners were evacuated from Port Harcourt. Thanks Stacey this was a great recommendation.

Let me know if you have any books to recommend?
Happy Reading!