Royal Pita Maha - Ayung Healing Villa or Deluxe Pool Villa?

There are two main types of rooms at the Royal Pita Maha and we had difficulty choosing between them, so I thought it might be helpful to give you a little primer! 

The rooms are roughly the same size and shape and come with more or less the same amenities. Each of them has a large bedroom and bathroom, a comfortable outdoor space and  a pool which is considerably larger than the plunge pools you'll encounter elsewhere. Essentially the difference is the location within the resort and it's hard to say which is preferable. We started off in one room  but I couldn't rest moving! I preferred the riverside location of the Ayung Healing Villas  but the Favorite Person liked the open expansive views of the Deluxe Pool Villa which we had originally booked.

Here's our breakdown of the differences....

The Deluxe Pool Villas are built along the hillside and have tremendous views across the valley and down over the river. From here you can see the  birds flying right at your level, it was wonderful. These rooms are secluded but are closer to the lobby, the restaurant and the spa. They will be more convenient if you are doing a lot of coming and going. 
Take one of these rooms if you like a lighter, quieter room, want to see the sky and don't like too much walking too and from the room.It was a little cloudy but hopefully these photos give you an idea of the views from both inside and outside the Deluxe Pool Villa.
The Healing Villas are in the valley,  at the river level and have a secluded intimate feel, see photo below.However, this means that to come and go you have to walk to the hillside elevator which will take you up one level and then walk up  a series of steps to a second elevator which will take you to the main restaurant and lobby. 
Staying near the water can make for a lot of coming and going in the heat, but for me it was worth it. I loved the area down at the river, it was so beautiful. In the morning I took the complimentary yoga class in a pavillion alongside the river and we ate breakfast at the organic restaurant right on the water, it was a magnificent start to the day.
Take one of these rooms if prefer a jungle like surroundings and would like to be close to the water, but bear in mind the river comes with drawbacks like the hundreds of shrieking tourists in white water rafts. However, for me it was worth it and I can understand why they call these the Healing Villas.