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Ventana - An Enchanting Resort in BIg Sur

Summary: I love Ventana. I highly recommend visiting  and exploring the landscape at Lime Kiln and Andrew Molera State Park which I've blogged about here. Please note this is #notsponsored . Yes, that means we paid our own bill! Lots of details in the following review. including a Post Ranch vs Ventana comparison.  Can you tell there's something exciting beyond this beautiful gate? There's something special about Big Sur, a magic in the light, the presence of the Pacific, the cliffs, beaches, redwood forests and the murmur of the surf. It's one of my favorite places in California. I couldn't think of anywhere else I wanted to be to celebrate turning fifty, because it's a place where there's a sense of nature, space and light and a wide horizon. We've been to Big Sur many times and for a celebration there are two fantastic hotels vying for your attention. The exclusive, modern and very private, cliff top Post Ranch Inn and on the other side of the road the …

Bagan - Day Three

After trying our hand touring Bagan on two wheels for a couple of days (regular and electric bikes) we decided to rent a car for a day to cover some of the larger more popular temples and others that were further out. It was good to cover more ground, and the car  and driver enabled us to see a lot more of the area, but despite this it was the least memorable of our  days in Bagan. It was as if the car made the experience too easy somehow, by  just driving up I felt like we had lost something in the experience.

Some here we go with more pictures. Yes, blogging about this is just an opportunity to throw in some more photos of unidentified temples which we loved!
There are so many different representations of the Budhha and we learnt a lot about how the different poses have meaning and how small differences in the form (such as the ears or hands) show which period the statues were made in.
In the late afternoon we headed south to Buphaya Paya temple which is beautifully situated overlooking the river. This is a reconstructed temple and seems to be quite active with local families coming to make offerings.
There isn't a lot to see at the temple but the situation and the view over the river is beautiful.
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Taking advantage of having the car we headed to the Blue Elephant for a drink at sunset, and had the place to ourselves. We sat out by the river and it was all very romantic until we were bitten alive by the mosquitos!