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Big Sur - Hiking Andrew Molera State Park

One of the great delights of living in the Bay Area is the proximity to the natural beauty of California and it's hard to beat the stunning drive down Highway One to Big Sur. This is certainly one of the iconic American road trips, but for me the joy of being in the area is getting out of your car and hitting a trail, so you can be "in" the landscape rather than just looking at it from the asphalt. 

U Bein Teak Bridge

I'm not sure this bridge deserves its own posting or all the hype, but I can't resist sharing these photos. We came in the middle of the day and didn't worry about seeing the bridge at sunset but I have to say it was very picturesque and a popular local spot as students use the bridge to get to a University situated at the far end.

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I wore the longyi I had made in the Mandalay market and several women stopped to admire it or to smile and tell me it was good I was wearing it! Unfortunately I don't have the narrow hips that make it so lovely on the Burmese! We were interested to learn that many government positions require workers to wear traditional outfits and that this is partly why the longyi remains so ubiquitous.
Agriculture remains a cornerstone of rural Burma and you see people working hard in the fields all over the country.
We were fascinated by these young boys close to the bridge. They were  fishing with their hands. They stood very still and then drove the water after the fish, when they caught one they tossed it into the boat and started again.
It's a very atmospheric place, particularly if you can avoid the large tour group.