Menmonikos - Art of Memory in Contemporary Textiles

I was delighted to stumble upon this exhibit  described as "exploring contemporary textiles at the molecular level" at the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok. It can be challenging and exhilarating to go to a show when you know nothing about the medium, but I sew and I love fabric (I often buy far too much of it when we are traveling and drag D to watch traditional weavers) so despite knowing nothing about contemporary textiles as an art form, I simply enjoyed immersed myself in the colors and textures  on exhibit. As you can see everything was very beautifully displayed.

Organized around the topics of memory, culture and environment many of the textures were reused and reimagined. As you might expect at a textile exhibit, the textures were extraordinary.
I loved the installation and was able to enjoy it in complete silence because it seems that the crowds of tourists don't visit the Art Center while they are at the Jim Thompson House twenty feet away!
 Some of the textiles were ethereal and flimsy while others were solid as you can see below.
 All of the works had a very tactile appeal, this work reaches right out to you.
 The interplay of texture and shape was evident in this installation.
 This dress was made from tea bags.
 These pieces reflect a sense of volume, drape and shape.
 I found myself looking closely at the textiles to see  details in the weave.
So, if you are at the Jim Thompson House just look to your left as you come in, walk up the staircase above the gift shop and see what they are showing right now.