Rice and Curry Sri Lankan Style...

Rice and curry is a meal in the plural and the dish you'll see everywhere in Sri Lanka, it's fabulous stuff.  When you order rice and curry you are never quite sure how many dishes will come, there may be fish or fowl but in addition there will certainly be a variety of vegetable curries and possibly a dal. I ate rice and curry day-after-day and loved it all.

One of my favorite rice and curry meals was at the Lucky Fort  in the colonial town of Galle, where an enterprising family converted their front porch into a small restaurant. The mother prepares the curries and the children (both of whom are studying at university) serve the customers. It's a set menu, you sit down and they bring out ten different curries. It's plenty to share and cost about $8 for enough food to feed two. On the day we went there was a fish curry, a chicken curry and a variety of vegetable curries including pumpkin, okra and others as you can see below. There was great variety of flavors and textures.
Its a great place to eat because the family are so proud of their business and the food they produce. Initially they opened a juice bar until one of the kids suggested they try adding food. They have been really successful and it's a great example of how tourism can directly benefit locals. Highly rated on Tripadvisor and recommended if you happen to be in Galle. 

While I'm talking about Sri Lankan food I can't resist at least one picture of the ubiquitous breakfast of egg hoppers. A slightly sour, thin, rice flour pancake (which reminded me  a little of Ethiopian injera) hoppers are delicious. The lavish breakfast below was served at the wonderful Planter's Bungalow outside  Ella, where the rooms, food and company were fabulous, hopefully I'll manage a more detailed review to follow.