Rome at NIght

The city is just so lovely at night that we can't help stopping to capture it. Luckily the Favorite Person has a steadier hand than I do so any good night shots are certainly his. 

As you can see, the Castel Sant'Angelo was breathtaking at dusk with flocks of birds framing it from above. No wonder the Roman love their leisurely evening passeggiata, even in winter. The images speak for themselves, so here's some of what we've been looking at in the evenings here in Rome.

Here's the magnificent Piazza Navona.
Even the "Wedding Cake" looks better at night!
A few days ago we came out of the Metro  and found ourselves facing the Coliseum at dusk. If you're wondering why you're only getting a sliver of it, it's because most of it is currently under scaffolding.

There are just so many incredible sights just around the next corner…who wouldn't love Rome when there's so much to see. Here's what we passed on our way out for a pizza, really!
With the threatening sky and the grass in front this looks like a ruin in the country side rather than a site in the middle of Rome right next to the main synagogue.