Here's to all our Visitors!

When we set off on 'Our Small Adventure' we didn't know if anyone would come to see us, but astonishingly lots of you turned up. We've learnt our lesson and next time we'll know not to leave a forwarding address! You shared so many of the dinners, markets, churches, walks and museums I've talked about here.
Apparently you don't have as much to do as we had thought, as some of you made it to both Portugal and Paris! We had so many visitors there was no opportunity for home sickness - so thank you very much. There were  old friends, best friends, great friends, lots of brothers, in-laws, out-laws, a mother and two aunts for good measure. Some visits were planned and others were serendipity. In fact we saw some of you more this year than we have in ages and it was lovely. So here you are, in your glory! Apologies if I don't have more or better pictures of everyone.

D. and H. outside the Hotel du Ville on a brisk night in March. I think we were on our way back from a concert at Notre Dame.

One of D's oldest friends came through Paris briefly with his family. They were on a whistle stop/Eurostar day tour from London when we caught up with them outside the Louvre. It was a long way from their usual roost in D.C. but we were delighted to see them.
With N. & S. at the Place du Voges. Despite all of our cold weather gear this was  early April and I was ecstatic to see the sun!
E., M & D. enjoying tea outside Carrette in March. These ladies know how to travel in style - they went everywhere by taxi! We were thrilled they came to Paris and had a wonderful time together. For all of you writing posts on Fodors worrying about how you have to wear black in Paris to fit in - take a look at these colorful flowers!
D. and I look pretty normal but N.'s hat really deserves its own photo! Is it any surprise that S. avoided being photographed next to it?
A. and D. on the tram in Lisbon. If it's Lisbon it must have been January!
Not quite triplets! D. J. & J walking back from dinner along the banks of the Seine in May. I love it when the Eiffel Tower sparkles. Thanks to G. for the picture, my attempts were deemed horribly blurry! I think G. prefers to be behind the camera because I can't find one picture of him in Lisbon. 
Perhaps it didn't seem that cold to S. who was visiting from Montreal. She was one of our first visitors in Paris and started our trend of going to the Place du Voges with everyone!
We were just about ready to leave town  at the end of May when B. breezed into town on business. As usual he brought the fun with him! Here he is with L. at Le 6 Paul Bert where we had a fabulous meal,

...and below with B. at the Tour Montparnasse. The view was spectacular, what a way to say a bientot to Paris. B was the personal bookend to our trip, he was there at the very beginning in London and there again at the very end. As ever his timing is impeccable. The only question is where are we all going next?

Who are these people?!!