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Walking Over Haddon in The Peak District

I confess I'm a fair weather walker, which means I often want to walk on our holidays, but whether we go is always dependent on the weather. I have a Goretex jacket but it's like a talisman. I own it, but I don't want to wear it and I hope vainly that just by having spent so much on it an schlepping it with me that it's going to ward off the rain! As you can see my travel planning involves a good deal of "magical thinking!" In California our cultural exuberance (paired with low standards) means we shamelessly call anything a "hike"  - as if we've scaled Everest in an afternoon. Here in England I'm not sure I even qualify as a "walker" because that denotes a level of seriousness I've failed at previously. Minimally it means you're wearing boots  and have an Ordnance Survey map (and possibly a compass) in your back pocket. I guess I'm more of stroller to be honest and I've blogged about my strolls all over the world; m…
Currently on the West Coast we're heading to New York and then Colombia at the end of the year (10/15)
I've visited 71 countries and I hope to see them all again plus some more. 

Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Armenia,  Australia, Austria,  Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia, Botswana,  Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Easter Island,  Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala,  Greece,  Honduras, India,  Indonesia,  Iran,  Ireland,  Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia,  Maldives, Mali, Malta,  Mexico,  Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand,  Nicaragua,  Nigeria, Peru, Portugal,  Russia,  Saint Lucia,  Senegal,  Singapore,  Slovenia, South Africa,  Spain,  Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Tahiti, Tanzania, Thailand,  Turkmenistan, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

If I followed the Century Club rules my country count would be  higher (87), but here's a post explaining why I don't. Perhaps when I get closer to 100 I'll succumb to their lure, I'm  not above changing my tune!  here' where we've been over the last few years.

2005  U.K., Singapore and Thailand, St Lucia, N.Y.
2006  Indonesia (Java & Bali), Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, U.K., Sweden, Ireland.
2007  Morocco, U.K., France, Washington D.C., N.Y.
2008  Mexico, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, Maldives, Bangkok, China, Assam, N.Y.,    Athens.
2009  Ireland, Rome, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Tahiti, Easter Island, N.Y., U.K., Estonia.
2010  U.K., Paris and Provence, N.Y., Australia.
2011  N.Y., New Zealand, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, U.K. and Ireland.
2012  Spain,  Italy, U.K., N.Y., Ireland.
2013  Portugal, Ireland, U.K., Spain, France, N.Y and Boston.
2014  Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, N.Y., UK and Egypt.
2015  France, Spain, Ireland, UK, Germany, Finland, N.Y.


Many thanks to Douwe Osinga for providing a simple interface to create the customize map above. Visit his website if you would like one too;