Street Art in Paris

Click here for my Top Ten Recommendations for Paris  which includes the street art tour mentioned below.
If you've been following the blog you know I was quite taken by the graffiti in Lisbon and wrote a couple of posts on it here and here. In Paris we haven't seen a lot of graffiti in the center of town but have seen more the further out we have gone. We've seen some political graffiti and I particularly like the Pinocchio figure above which was posted at Les Halles.
Much of the street art we've seen has been in the form of posters or prints pasted up on walls, often but not always using photographic techniques. These two are from Belleville Park in the 20th arrondissement.
Here's a classic co-option of a stop sign in the Marais very close to our flat.
On a recent walk in the 13th we saw a cluster of work including the following...
I particularly liked this Klimtesque image which seems to appear from a different time and space.
Obviously this is just a start and clearly a fraction of what's on offer if you go looking. I'm going to check out Invisible Paris'  Street Art Walk  and Underground Paris which has lots of info on street art and fringe culture (their term) and I'll let you know what more we find.

PS I've just found that Underground Paris offers street art walking tours on Thursdays and Saturdays which sounds like fun.

Update: D., H. and I went on the Underground Paris tour yesterday and I highly recommend it. This was one of the most interesting tours we've been on anywhere, I felt I learnt a lot. At 15 euro it's a steal. I have lots and lots of photos and will be doing a second (hopefully now more informed!) post sometime soon.