The End of the Line, Trams, Tickets and Transport in Lisbon

With a title like that this sound more like a dissertation than a blog post, but here goes! I wanted to combine telling you about my trip to the end of the line on tram 28 with some  general info about public transport. If  you're considering a trip to Lisbon jump to the end of the post for practical details. I love the randomness of taking public transport to the end of the line, with no though about where you're going, merely the desire to have explored what is on offer. The journey on tram 28 takes you past government building, churches, affluent neighborhoods and a lovely public garden in Estrela. In the other direction you'll get a tour of the city, Baixa, the cathedral,  Alfama and out past Graca. I promise this all make perfect sense if you look at a map!
Both trams 28 and  25 end at Prazeres cemetery, the literal end of the line. The cemetary is reminincent of similar sites we've seen in Buenos Aires and particularly Leece in Puglia. This cemetery was much more uniform with most mausoleums in gothic style, some with Manueline details.

Because this is Lisbon and there is a fabulous view around every corner even the dead get to enjoy this scene.

Practical Details on Transport: 
Lisbon has great public transport and it's easy to use. If you stay here any amount of time you'll find yourself using the trams, elevadores or funiculars, the St. Justa lift, the metro and even the buses. If you are staying several months it may well be worth buying the monthly card for residents which is around thirty euros, it involves a convoluted form and a trip to apply at the main office if you want the card straight away. 

However, for shorter trips we found the best option was a reload-able Via Viagem card. The card has a one time cost of fifty euro cents and then you preload it at one of the many machines in the Metro stations, it's easy to buy on your way in from the airport. There's a small bonus depending on how much you put on. What is great about this is that with this card all trip cost only 1.25 euro which is very reasonable. It can also be used for suburban train routes including Sintra. 

The daily card which they push tourists towards at the new price of six euros just wasn't worth it. If you don't buy either the reloadable Via Viagem or the daily option you'll have to pay as much as 3.60euro for one ride on the Gloria or the Bica elevadores.

Hope this is helpful and enjoy Lisbon it's a fabulous city!


Unknown said…
I'm also a fan of traveling to the end of the line. I love taking buses and trams and often skip the metro even if the metro takes less time. You really do see so much. Ok, some of it isn't really worth while but it's always a surprise. You do need to check you aren't heading into a bad neighborhood. Of course, this is more relevant in some cities over others. But important to check none the less. Traveling to the end of the line is something I always do if I'm staying a bit longer in a particular spot.

Really enjoying your blog. Will try to come back tomorrow for another installment. :)