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Walking Over Haddon in The Peak District

I confess I'm a fair weather walker, which means I often want to walk on our holidays, but whether we go is always dependent on the weather. I have a Goretex jacket but it's like a talisman. I own it, but I don't want to wear it and I hope vainly that just by having spent so much on it an schlepping it with me that it's going to ward off the rain! As you can see my travel planning involves a good deal of "magical thinking!" In California our cultural exuberance (paired with low standards) means we shamelessly call anything a "hike"  - as if we've scaled Everest in an afternoon. Here in England I'm not sure I even qualify as a "walker" because that denotes a level of seriousness I've failed at previously. Minimally it means you're wearing boots  and have an Ordnance Survey map (and possibly a compass) in your back pocket. I guess I'm more of stroller to be honest and I've blogged about my strolls all over the world; m…

Nous Sommes Arrivé!

We have arrived and I still can't believe we will be here for four months!

The landlord left roses on the kitchen table which was so kind. I use the term kitchen table  loosely because it's also the dining room table, D.'s office and half of our living space! We are certainly going to have to get used to our European sized bathroom which is minute and the smallest dishwasher I've ever seen! However, the biggest accommodation we're going to have to make is to the overwhelming smell of a chemical solvent. They've just started a renovation of the internal staircase and seem to be re-plastering the walls my biggest concern is that we will return home with a glue sniffing problem. In addition I need to ensure that tomorrow morning I avoid giving a 'Welcome to Paris' show to the workmen  will be able to see right into our flat from their extensive scaffolding!

However I am charmed, even in the February gloom the flat is bright with windows on several sides and a skylight. It's modern, stylish and interesting, I love it! The bedroom is up an open staircase with a gap between the floor and the stair which means we'll have to be very careful navigating it after a few glasses of wine!

Our street is a very, very fine street...

We're right in the thick of the Marais and we were only in the flat a few moments before D. ran out to the bakery at the end of the street for a baguette! I can't believe he resisted these macaroons? Can you believe these are a minute away, thank goodness we have to walk up five flights of stars to get to our flat  it may be our only defense against all the temptation! 
This afternoon we took a stroll down the Rue Rosier and had what will be the first of many falafels and then wandered down to the Seine and Notre Dame which is less than fifteen minutes aways. 
D. headed over to the famous bookstore Shakespeare & Co and I strolled home to unpack, I couldn't resist calling E. in Dublin as I crossed over the Seine and saw this scene. Afterwards I took several wrong turns and turned the corner to see the Pompidou Center in front of me, how wonderful! Excited to be here but missing you all too.