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Big Sur - Hiking Andrew Molera State Park

One of the great delights of living in the Bay Area is the proximity to the natural beauty of California and it's hard to beat the stunning drive down Highway One to Big Sur. This is certainly one of the iconic American road trips, but for me the joy of being in the area is getting out of your car and hitting a trail, so you can be "in" the landscape rather than just looking at it from the asphalt. 

Happy Valentines in Chocolate from Paris...

The chocolate shop windows are resisting winter in red, pink, black and white, as if the colorful arrangements could push the cold away. St Valentines Day is taken seriously here with some very expensive chocolates, you can almost smell and taste them through the glass.
The main question is will I be able to resist all this chocolate? Lets hope D. buys me some though he says this would only be a gift for himself! As a sign in a cupcake bakery window on the Ile de la Cite says to the passing tourists, "You can't eat your photographs, come in..."
I can't resist including this gorgeous floral display too.