The Pharmacy Museum, Lisbon

I love an obscure museum and this one was open on Monday, when most of the museums in Lisbon are closed. Which goes some way to explaining how D. and I ended up at the Pharmacy Museum this afternoon. It didn't hurt that it was just around the corner. They don't seem very busy, in fact it was completely empty, just us. I suppose with all that Lisbon has to offer there aren't too many other tourists that make this their second stop after the Gulbenkian.
Perhaps there would be more tourists  if they knew they could see a pristine 18th century sheep's intestine condom, pictured at the end of the post.

The posters were fabulous, who could forget Condoman in his own full body condom, do we all have to wear the head gear?

There were some great older posters too, with fab graphic design.

I know that  Art Nouveau and Art Deco posters are very popular but who is going to hang this syphilitic skull in their living room. Any takers out there, perhaps the museum could put it out in the gift shop?

I loved the small unguent containers in the form of limbs hands and feet, there is an entire collection on display

In addition to decorative pharmaceutical jars and medical paraphernalia from Europe, the collection includes items from  Asia, Africa and South America. Including these surgical instruments from Tibet and an Egyptian mummy.

As well complete pharmacies including this one from Macau, forgive the ghastly fake figures! 

So if you are a pharmacist, or  have a great interest in any of this or just happen to find yourself in Lisbon on a Monday are staying around the corner and have nothing better to do check out the Pharmacy Museum.

Here's the 18th century sheep's intestine condom complete with a racy image printed on it! Did you read the post or just scroll down to see this? Well worth the price of admission!