Positano is all about the views and they are spectacular whether you're looking out along the coast or back up to the rocky outcrops behind the town. Built into the hillside, the town is intersected by two one way roads - one leading into town and one leading out of town in opposite directions. Small stone paths with innumerable steps lead up and down the hillside joining the houses, chapels, restaurants and hotels that spread from the beach to the cliff face above.

The Amalfi coast has been on our list of places to go for years but somehow we've never made it south of Rome on any of our previous trips. Despite so many friends recommending the area I must admit I was dubious about visiting the Amalfi. I thought it might be too touristy or too cutesy. In a way it is both, but like Venice it is worth visiting despite the drawbacks.

We did nothing but laze around in our hotel and enjoy the view. This was the view from the restaurant at breakfast....

And here is what we looked out at from our balcony. One evening I sat in the dark and listened to a jazz singer playing into the night, his voice drifting across the town to find me siting on my balcony enjoying Positano when the view was nothing more than lights flickering against the darkness. It  was magical.

I ordered breakfast on our balcony one morning. You can understand why we spent our three days hanging around the hotel, moving between  the balcony and the pool.

We stayed at the Hotel Poseiden which was wonderfully old fashioned and very Italian. I mean old fashioned in the very best way, good service, reasonably sized rooms, music in the evenings. I would recommend it particularly if it is still available on Luxury Link where we found a very favorable rate. Positano is expensive and it was great to find a more affordable deal. You can use this link to get $50 off your first purchase at Luxury Link. Always make sure to google for additional Luxury Link coupons which are combinable for even more off, as these change regularly it's not useful to post them here but this is a good place to look http://www.retailmenot.com/view/luxurylink.com.

Tip: We had two very good meals, one at Next2 and one at Da Vincenzo, both were very enjoyable and highly recommended.