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Big Sur - Hiking Andrew Molera State Park

One of the great delights of living in the Bay Area is the proximity to the natural beauty of California and it's hard to beat the stunning drive down Highway One to Big Sur. This is certainly one of the iconic American road trips, but for me the joy of being in the area is getting out of your car and hitting a trail, so you can be "in" the landscape rather than just looking at it from the asphalt. 

Renovation - Week Nine

I realize my home and travel blog is becoming all renovations all the time, sorry but that's the reality over here right now.

Today I went to the paint shop, again! Yes, they know me by name at the paint place, the tile shop, the plumbing supply company and the lighting store. I now know where to have your antique trim matched and all sorts of other things that are very useful right now.

So where's the progress report....
The floor is in and the tile is now finished in the bathroom, thank you Jeremy!
The painting has started, all of the trim is done and the colors have had their first coat in the bedroom, thank you Theo and Jonathan.
The porch has been rebuilt with a lovely new railing and newly poured concrete steps which will continue to "cure over the next few months, thank you Chris, Greg and Ryan!

Old windows going out, new railing on the porch going in.

Rebuilding the porch took a few days though we're still waiting for it to be painted which has been delayed by the rain. The new concrete steps  are dyed a taupe color which is slowly lightening. 

Greg moving the concrete by hand.

Perfecting the steps!

Adding a final waterproof coat in the bathroom before the floor tile went in.