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Big Sur - Hiking Andrew Molera State Park

One of the great delights of living in the Bay Area is the proximity to the natural beauty of California and it's hard to beat the stunning drive down Highway One to Big Sur. This is certainly one of the iconic American road trips, but for me the joy of being in the area is getting out of your car and hitting a trail, so you can be "in" the landscape rather than just looking at it from the asphalt. 

Just Back....Week Eleven

Back from a flying visit to Dublin where it was a little damp but warm for November. I forgot my camera so no pictures,  it was all family and no sightseeing anyway. If you're in Dublin I highly recommend lunch at Cavistons which I enjoyed as always.

It's Thanksgiving week and so things are moving slowly, lots of cancellations and delays. The reupholstered furniture has arrived which  I'm excited about, pictures later. The bathroom mirrors are installed  and Felipe has started refinishing the floors. I have to choose a stain but I'm thinking about going darker. Not black but perhaps a dark brown with a semi-gloss finish, more later on this too.

It was lots of work to clear out the rooms for the refinishing, our living space is getting smaller and more crowded by the day! Trying to stay optimistic and hoping everything will come together soon.

Here's the kind of chaos we're living with and the kind of relaxed socializing we used to do....looking forward to having people over once again.