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Walking Over Haddon in The Peak District

I confess I'm a fair weather walker, which means I often want to walk on our holidays, but whether we go is always dependent on the weather. I have a Goretex jacket but it's like a talisman. I own it, but I don't want to wear it and I hope vainly that just by having spent so much on it an schlepping it with me that it's going to ward off the rain! As you can see my travel planning involves a good deal of "magical thinking!" In California our cultural exuberance (paired with low standards) means we shamelessly call anything a "hike"  - as if we've scaled Everest in an afternoon. Here in England I'm not sure I even qualify as a "walker" because that denotes a level of seriousness I've failed at previously. Minimally it means you're wearing boots  and have an Ordnance Survey map (and possibly a compass) in your back pocket. I guess I'm more of stroller to be honest and I've blogged about my strolls all over the world; m…

Renovations - Week Seven

Yesterday I thought I would lose my mind and D turned to me and said it would be good when the renovations were over so we could talk about something else! I admit I'm a woman obsessed. I'm a slave to the general contractor and spend my days running from tile shop to various other exciting places like the lumber yard or talking to people on the phone about the difficulties of grouting around a mirror!
With everything  piling up seeing this half upholstered chair helped a lot. Renovations are all about making aesthetic judgments one after another, making snap decisions and living with the consequences. It's great, I'm learning a lot and I'm looking forward to the end results but when you're going through it it's stressful. It was great to go to the upholsterer and to see that the fabric I thought would look good really did look good, thank you Carlos! One chair half done and several rooms to go...

We sent three door to The Stripping Workshop to have the paint removed. The collect your old doors and return them after dipping them in vats of paint stripper. It costs less than buying a new door, but at $95-150 it's not cheap. However given the layers of lead paint in our 1911 house this seemed the most effective way to revive the doors. There are only two places left doing this in the Bay Area. Overall  I'm glad we saved the doors. Unfortunately we weren't able to save the trim around the window but they striped the sills and the baseboard and we ordered a custom matched poplar trim which has just gone in. I was fascinated to see the weights for the sash windows which were revealed when they removed the window trim, you can see them on the left in the picture below.
So, I thought I would lose my mind but it still seems to be there and the sun rose this morning so all's well. Finally I have all the bathroom tile and I spent this evening pulling out glass tiles from a mosaic and replacing them with another color. Hopefully this will all make sense and look like it was worth the trouble when I post pictures after it's finished.

Back into the breach tomorrow!