Porch details...

Now that we're renovating I'm looking at our neighborhood with fresh eyes and a small camera. The porch is being rebuilt so I'm noticing all of the steps, railings and outside decorations on the homes locally. When you start looking you begin to notice architectural details everywhere. Most of the Craftsmen porches in our neighborhood are a combination of concrete, stucco and wood. Having lived with the maintenance problems of wooden steps we are now embracing the concrete option! 

I like the shingle clad sides above, but our porch has always had siding more like the examples below. We're thinking about adding some moulding to give it a little more interest.

The arbor will be covered to prevent the water damage we had previously, so we're also looking up to see details like this.

Most of the porches locally are covered, probably because it's more practical given the drainage issues we've encountered!

These concrete steps have been poured with an overhang meant to resemble a wooden step. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed as they're building the forms right now and will be pouring the concrete later this week.