Talking about you!

Generally I talk about where I've been, what I want to see or how to get there both comfortably and economically, but today (in celebration of over 3,000 page views) I want to talk about you. One of the things I'm enjoying most about this blog is checking the statistics to see where the visitors come from. So to all of you in the US, the UK and Canada - glad to see you! If you're viewing from Cambridge, Liverpool, Berkeley, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Damascus, Beirut or Italy, I'm pleased you dropped by. Yesterday someone came through from Pakistan. I hope they come by again soon, you may not know it but I'd love to visit Lahore sometime. 

Because every post needs it's own image!

The table below shows  the top ten countries by page view - since I started blogging in February. The list includes places I've been  recently (hello Australia, Jordan, Lebanon, the US and the UK) and others I haven't visited. Perhaps it's time to go to Malaysia, Germany, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

1.    United States

2.    United Kingdom

3.    Canada

4.    Lebanon

5.    Australia

6.    Turkey

7.    United Arab Emirates

8.    Malaysia

9.    Jordan

10.  Germany

Last month I had visitors from France, Russia,  Israel, Romania, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Ukraine, The Philippines, Montenegro, Italy and today someone came by from Tanzania. So wherever you're from thanks for coming by and connecting me to the world outside my own experience.


Kavey said…
I remember when we first started Mamta's Kitchen, we'd regularly look at where our visitors were coming from and take such delight in seeing not only the top countries but some of the more obscure or surprising ones!

I still like to look at these stats for my blog too!
Thanks for dropping by Kavey, I so wish we were in the UK so we could take the next Mamta's Kitchen cooking class.